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Released October 31st, 2023 // 82 pages // 978-1-915760-40-1 // RRP £9.99


Aqueous Red explores the deep shadows of love. In Kit Ingram's spellbinding poetic exorcism of violence, intimacy, and dreams, illicit liaisons surface in fragments of interconnected lives. A boy watches his father pour scalding water onto his brother’s hands, and later rescues a doll, promising to protect it with a kiss. A priest blesses a prostitute with holy water while a son drowns in a painful memory. In the sequence ‘Red’, a married man falls in love with a drag queen, and they play out fantasies of violence in a theatrical blaze that threatens their destruction. Intimate and voyeuristic, this collection plumbs the unseen moments that bind us all.


ABOUT Kit Ingram:

Kit Ingram is a prize-winning queer Canadian poet, writer, and editor based in London. His work has been widely anthologised and appeared in Ambit, Magma, and The North. His narrative poem, Alice and Antius (Penrose Press, 2022) was a Booklife at Publishers Weekly select