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Released April 30th 2022 // 96 pages


In Erectric Schlock Aimée Lê asks big questions, big questions like: do you really want to live in a world where a Subway sandwich costs $5.99? Tough luck. Invasive technology has made life a living hell and enriched a handful of reptiles. Tough luck. The modern world is not going to stop. Fortunately Aimée Lê provides the perfect riposte: ‘Fucking me is no longer illegal’  she exclaims with the gusto of Sharon Van Etten in ‘I Have the Swagger of a 17-Year-Old’, singing loudly to the wall, like Aimée Lê, we used to feel free, we used to be seventeen.

Aimée Lê - Erectric Schlock EBOOK


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